Fields of Joy CX (#FOJCX) is a Cyclocross venue developed and raced by Sunbury Cycling Club with very gracious support from Essendon Fields, Melbourne Aust.

Sunday, 19 October 2014



I used to joke that he was the richest man in Brunswick because he is the only one that could afford 200 kids. Reality is that he probably has 1000 kids, maybe more once you include grown-up kids who also come to 'play bikes' occassionally.

Some know him as a nutter. Some as that guy who always dresses funny, some as that official who is always there. Clearly who I am really talking about is Mr Pink. 

I know him as possibly the most generous person I know. Nothing is too much effort. There is no such thing as 'too early', only "what time do I need to be there". There is no "I am already doing more than my fair share", only "what time do I need to be there". "Dave we are thinking about doing XYZ.." "Cool, how can I help?" or "I'll be there".

What I have come to realise is that Mr Pink doesn't measure his volunteering in units of work or effort. And whilst I can only guess what his underlying motivation is, I am entirely comfortable guessing that it comes from a place of giving and selflessness;-  giving the gift of cycling to the masses - and of being of service to community - with no expectation of anything in return. Mr Pink, it would seem, accesses the most fulfilling life through being of service. He taps into a fulfilment that money can't buy. He experiences generosity every day - generosity he creates himself through giving.

And it is at this point I want some pithy saying to finish this post. Something along the lines that we are born empty handed and die empty handed.. and the true measure of our success in life is not how much we accumulate but how much we were able to give. (Google fails me so just pretend that saying is correct). On that measure, Mr Pink is truly the richest man in Brunswick ...with hopefully many years to come building his own special version of wealth.

And as our season draws to an end.. Mr Pink, FOJCX salutes you.  Thank you for helping us, and more importantly, thank you for simply being the person you are.

#fojcx #ridesthyarra
p.s. If I disappear unexpectedly it is because he has killed me for writing this.

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