Fields of Joy CX (#FOJCX) is a Cyclocross venue developed and raced by Sunbury Cycling Club with very gracious support from Essendon Fields, Melbourne Aust.

Monday, 13 October 2014


After a number of people suggested running Series Points, we - somewhat belatedly - started assigning points after each race.

The points system is similar to motoGP, with the first 15 place-getters awarded points... 1st getting 25 points, 2nd 20 points etc (see the bottom of the picture to the left).

Whilst there aren't huge prizes up for grabs (noting that everyone who races in the running for bikes from GIANT SOUTH YARRA courtesy of our Participation Prize Draw), we do have some trophies for the the Top 3 in each grade.

Here's a mock up...

And Series Points aren't all about overall winners. It allows mates to race mates and have battles that we will probably never know about. We like the idea of a few laughs being had retelling the stories.

Please note that this coming race - the final race in our 2014 Series Oct 26 - will be worth double-points.

Also note that, on the surface, Series Points seem simple enough. But what happens when people change grades .. that is the curly question. At this stage, the rule we are running with is that anyone changing grades takes half-points with them. We'll see how that pans out and have a think about it ahead of next year's series. We are also happy to take suggestions if you have any ideas.

Below are the current standings.

Good luck to everyone racing on the 26th.
Good luck to anyone who has raced this season as there are some great bikes being drawn at our last race.


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