Fields of Joy CX (#FOJCX) is a Cyclocross venue developed and raced by Sunbury Cycling Club with very gracious support from Essendon Fields, Melbourne Aust.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Michael Blyth's mother Kathryn ask that I pass on her thanks..

Life can throw us all challenges but it is the support we receive that guides us through the tough times.

Mike was a passionate bike rider. I can't count the number of times he went out riding and was late for tea or walked in the back door covered in sweat and then sat straight down at the kitchen table. Honestly it would often annoy me that riding was more important than almost anything. Yet now I would give anything to have him do that again. It is cruel how one split moment can change everything. 

Those who know Mike closely will know he doesn't dwell on the past. He just accepts life sometimes deals out some crap and it is just the way it is. 

Although Mike cannot embrace Fields of Joy CX as a competitor I know he has loved being involved. The team behind this magical series asked Mike to be involved in the process from the beginning. Money raised is important and very helpful but it is the gift of supporting Mike that is truly priceless.

To Colin you stretched out the hand of friendship to Mike and introduced us to a team of people who like you are passionate riders. Thank you so much. 

To Scott from Essendon fields, all those who helped from Sunbury Cycling  Club and Craig from Giant  South Yarra thank you so much. We are grateful for the support from the other sponsors too. To each and every person who had been involved with Fields of Joy CX please know that Pete and I are truly grateful for all that has been done to support Mike. Just as important I would like to thank every competitor that took the time to say hi to Mike along the way or purchased a raffle ticket. We are so grateful to ALL of you. 

As a mum I have found the races confronting. I think it is because the reality of Mike's injury for me is more evident as I watch so many doing what Mike loved doing. However when I focus on how much Mike has gained from being supported by the Fields  of Joy CX community it brings a sense a warmth and comfort. So on behalf of my husband Pete and myself thank you everyone for making Mike's life a little brighter. 

Kathryn Blyth 

We would also like to thank the Blyth's for being the people they are and being so supportive of our efforts.

#fojcx #ridesthyarra

Sunday, 19 October 2014



I used to joke that he was the richest man in Brunswick because he is the only one that could afford 200 kids. Reality is that he probably has 1000 kids, maybe more once you include grown-up kids who also come to 'play bikes' occassionally.

Some know him as a nutter. Some as that guy who always dresses funny, some as that official who is always there. Clearly who I am really talking about is Mr Pink. 

I know him as possibly the most generous person I know. Nothing is too much effort. There is no such thing as 'too early', only "what time do I need to be there". There is no "I am already doing more than my fair share", only "what time do I need to be there". "Dave we are thinking about doing XYZ.." "Cool, how can I help?" or "I'll be there".

What I have come to realise is that Mr Pink doesn't measure his volunteering in units of work or effort. And whilst I can only guess what his underlying motivation is, I am entirely comfortable guessing that it comes from a place of giving and selflessness;-  giving the gift of cycling to the masses - and of being of service to community - with no expectation of anything in return. Mr Pink, it would seem, accesses the most fulfilling life through being of service. He taps into a fulfilment that money can't buy. He experiences generosity every day - generosity he creates himself through giving.

And it is at this point I want some pithy saying to finish this post. Something along the lines that we are born empty handed and die empty handed.. and the true measure of our success in life is not how much we accumulate but how much we were able to give. (Google fails me so just pretend that saying is correct). On that measure, Mr Pink is truly the richest man in Brunswick ...with hopefully many years to come building his own special version of wealth.

And as our season draws to an end.. Mr Pink, FOJCX salutes you.  Thank you for helping us, and more importantly, thank you for simply being the person you are.

#fojcx #ridesthyarra
p.s. If I disappear unexpectedly it is because he has killed me for writing this.

Monday, 13 October 2014


After a number of people suggested running Series Points, we - somewhat belatedly - started assigning points after each race.

The points system is similar to motoGP, with the first 15 place-getters awarded points... 1st getting 25 points, 2nd 20 points etc (see the bottom of the picture to the left).

Whilst there aren't huge prizes up for grabs (noting that everyone who races in the running for bikes from GIANT SOUTH YARRA courtesy of our Participation Prize Draw), we do have some trophies for the the Top 3 in each grade.

Here's a mock up...

And Series Points aren't all about overall winners. It allows mates to race mates and have battles that we will probably never know about. We like the idea of a few laughs being had retelling the stories.

Please note that this coming race - the final race in our 2014 Series Oct 26 - will be worth double-points.

Also note that, on the surface, Series Points seem simple enough. But what happens when people change grades .. that is the curly question. At this stage, the rule we are running with is that anyone changing grades takes half-points with them. We'll see how that pans out and have a think about it ahead of next year's series. We are also happy to take suggestions if you have any ideas.

Below are the current standings.

Good luck to everyone racing on the 26th.
Good luck to anyone who has raced this season as there are some great bikes being drawn at our last race.




Course Designer says "SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT"

Enter here: http://goo.gl/lde4yY
(Seniors are requested to pre-reg. Kids can rock up on the day)

Further announcements to come re Volunteers, Women's Development Day, Men's Devt Day, T-Shirts, Series Points, how awesome GIANT STH YARRA are for supporting us etc.



Thursday, 2 October 2014

RACE 3 - Possible Changes of Dates - from SUN 19th to SUN 26th October

2014 (impromptu) Race Series: Race 3

Sunday 19th clashes with Around The Bay. We didn't think this was an issue but it turns out key personnel and equipment are committed to ATBD.

We are talking to a range of people about shifting our 3rd race back a week to the 26th.

Please update your diary as this is looking like a strong possibility.

I haven't finished contacting key people as yet, so if I should have spoken to you but haven't, expect a call shortly, otherwise feel free to call or email the FOJCX bunker.