Fields of Joy CX (#FOJCX) is a Cyclocross venue developed and raced by Sunbury Cycling Club with very gracious support from Essendon Fields, Melbourne Aust.

Friday, 19 June 2015


Please note that we will be racing to the Race Schedules included in the Cranwell Park NCXS Tech Guide.


Thursday, 18 June 2015


FOJCX on Tour @ Cranwell Park - NCXS & Support Races

* PRE-REG is now closed.

* STARTLISTS have been refreshed.

SAT: https://goo.gl/Y1si5x
SUN : https://goo.gl/b5SjiP
* SEEDING will be published once available.

* ON-THE-DAYS: Yes there will be some on-the-day entries, but you are not guaranteed and need to be there early.

* KIDS: All kids are entered on-the-day & are guaranteed a start if licensed. On-the-day licensing is available and options varies depending on age.

* COURSE is looking awesome. Hopefully very different to any Cranwell-of-old Courses you may have experienced in the past.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

NCXS Entries Rnd 3 & 4 at Cranwell Park Close Tonight - Prelim Startlists up

ENTRIES for Rounds 3 & 4 of the National Cyclocross Series at Cranwell Park Braybrook Vic close tonight (midnight). Enter & pay online at https://entryboss.cc

KIDS (ie younger kids): Enter on-the-day, no need to pre-reg.

PRELIM STARTLISTS have been refreshed & the fields are SMOKING HOT in a number of categories.

SAT Startlist: https://goo.gl/Y1si5x
SUN Startlist: https://goo.gl/b5SjiP

Check out the Startlists, see that you are on it and in the correct grade ..then hassle your friends who should be there.

We are onsite Thurs & Fri marking out the course(s) and punching holes in the ground if you are interested in coming out & lending a hand.

VOLUNTEER ROSTER:  If you can help out we will love you forever. See what's available and leave you details here if you can help http://vols.pt/eSHdNB

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

ENTRIES NOW OPEN: 2015 NCXS Rounds 3 & 4 - Jun 20th & 21st

ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN FOR NCXS Rd3 & Rd4 and the Support races
FOJCX 'On Tour @ Cranwell Park'

National CX Series (NCXS) Race Fees per day:
* NCXS (Elite & Masters Categories) $40
* Support races (B & C CX grades, Open) $25
* Kids - please enter on-the-day (no pre-reg required)

As usual if you volunteer there's a discount.
The volunteer register will be up soon.

If you are new to EntryBoss, please sign-up at https://entryboss.cc/

Otherwise, please select the correct race(s) & day(s):
* NCXS Round 3 (Saturday 20/6/2015) NCXS race https://entryboss.cc/races/24

* NCXS Round 3 (Saturday 20/6/2015) SUPPORT Race  https://entryboss.cc/races/26

 * NCXS Round 4 (Sunday 21/6/2015) NCXS race https://entryboss.cc/races/25

* NCXS Round 4 (Sunday 214/6/2015) SUPPORT Race https://entryboss.cc/races/27

Please note: A grade riders are requested to race NCXS rather than drop down to B Grade.


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More info: https://www.facebook.com/FOJCX 

P.S. Entrants who have already entered via MTBA have been carried over and will automatically appear  on Startlists when published. Thanks.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Licensing Options

Whilst we can't pretend to be experts, here is a summary on licensing options.

Click on this link for full details https://goo.gl/GliWBV


Thursday, 21 May 2015

2015 Race 2 Sunday 24 May - Entries Open until Sat 23 3:00pm

Please Enter & Pay Online at EntryBoss.cc (https://entryboss.cc/races/23)
All Juniors to Enter on-the-day.

All entrants, including Juniors, need to be licensed. Please ask at Rego if you need help with that.
Riders over 8 years old - please consider the MTBA 2 Month Free Trial Membership which is very popular http://www.mtba.asn.au/join/). Please have a look at this prior to race day.
Riders under 8 years old - we can offer you a $5 Day Participation License or a $29 12 Month Cycling Australia Kidz license. Both can be sorted out by filling in a form at rego.

Volunteers are the backbone of CX racing. We are vols and rely on the generosity of other vols to make the magic happen. Vols can still race and take advantage of reduced Race Fees. Please have a look at the Vol Roster here http://vols.pt/pBP9Gg and nominate yourself for a job. Don't be shy, most jobs are easy and make a really big difference to everyone on the day.


THIS RACE HAS BEEN DECLARED A PINK APPRECIATION ZONE. Everyone will be asked to consider wearing pink as a way of saying thank you to Mr Pink who does so much for the sport of cycling and in particular Junior Racing. Get your Pink On and have some fun. A little or a lot, it's up to you.



Cyclocross + Open category racing catering for Men, Women & Kids.


Fields of Joy Cyclocross, Larkin Court, Essendon Fields, Victoria, Australia


  • MEN'S CX: A, B & C Grades
  • MEN'S OPEN (any bike, any tyres - inc CX bikes)
  • WOMEN'S CX: A & B Grades
  • WOMEN'S OPEN (any bike, any tyres - inc CX bikes)
  • JUNIORS: Balance Bikes + Any bike categories
  • Note: CX Grades are for Cyclocross bikes with CX tyres (max 35mm)


  • Free Practice 10:30am (80 mins)
  • CX Mens C (40 mins) / Open Men (30 mins) 12:00pm (Total 40 mins)
  • CX Mens B 12:50pm (50 mins)
  • Premier Class - Balance Bikes 13:50pm (10 mins)
  • Non-Balance Bike Juniors + Jnr Presos 14:00pm (30 mins)
  • Free Practice (select features only - overlaps junior timeslot) 13:40pm (approx 1 hour)
  • CX Women A (40mins) / B + Open Women (30mins) + Young Guns (2 laps) 14:50pm (Total 40 mins)
  • CX Mens A 15:40pm (60 mins)
  • Presentations 16:45pm ( approx 25 mins)


ALL riders must be licensed for insurance purposes. Cycling Australia (CA) Race Licenses (Gold Licenses), MTBA Competition Licenses and CA 3 Race Licenses are accepted. Additionally, MTBA offer a free 2 month trial offer license which has proven very popular (see http://www.mtba.asn.au/join/). Kids are also required to be licensed and options vary depending on age. Please see MTBA or CA websites for more info.


  • Kids can enter on-the-day. Pre-entry is not necessary. Kids are guaranteed a start (note: must be licensed for insurance purposes).
  • Balance Bikes and Non-Balance bikes race separately with separate courses. Non-Balance bikes will be graded by Commissaires on the day prior to race start (either by wheel size or age - to be decided based on logistics of administering the finish).


Young Guns is a special category allowing older kids with suitable experience to ride the full course during the Women's races (as a guide, say 12yo+ but depends on child). Young Guns can be chaperoned by a parent or other capable rider. Anyone entering Young Guns needs to talk to the Race Director on race day to assess your childs suitability. Spots are limited. Please allow time to have the required conversations. The course is tough and we want kids riding Young Guns to have a positive experience. Feedback on Young Guns has been fantastic but we recognise this category is not for everyone. Young Guns need to be Race Licensed (not Recreational Licenses sorry). Young Guns enter on the day by donation & will be transponder timed.


  • Adults $25 (includes $5 fundraiser raffle tix for CX Bikes courtesy of Giant South Yarra)
  • Kids - by donation (on the day).
  • Volunteers - $10
  • All Senior Pre-Entries require immediate payment by credit card. LImited on the day entries will be available for cash payment (+$5 surcharge for additional admin)


Michael Blyth is a young Sunbury resident who was left paralysed after a Mountain Biking accident. He was uninsured at the time, resulting in the costs of his rehabilitation and major adjustments to his life falling upon his family. FOJCX has been raising money for Michael, proudly accumulating $5500 during our 2014 Season. Please help us make a difference with further fundraising in 2015.


Giant South Yarra, our Major Sponsor, makes available some amazing prizes. This year we are raffling the following
  • Mens CX bike TCX SLR1 valued at ~$3000
  • Womens CX bike Liv Brava SLR2 + product to men's prize equivalent
  • A kids bike to value of $500.
All race entries include a $5 fundraiser component and automatic entry to prize draw. We will also be selling tickets. Please help out by buying additional tickets. Bikes will be drawn at the Austalian Cyclocross National Championships.


Each race we mix things up and try to keep the Course fresh. This course is new configuration.


Look for Rego Marquee in Race Village on Race Day. Pick up you race pack with race numbers & transponder etc. To access the course during free practice, all riders must have a Race Number visible and be wearing a helmet.


Address: Larkin Court, Essendon Fields, Melbourne Australia
Essendon Fields is 12km from the Melb CBD in the grounds of Essendon Airport. Follow the signs to Essendon Airport.
From the City, take the Tullamarine Freeway and exit left at Matthews Ave Essendon. Turn Right at lights onto English Street Essendon Fields. Continue straight (English St turns into Wirraway Rd) to first major roundabout on Wirraway Rd. Turn right into Larkin Court. Continue to signs for parking.


  • Parking: Trackside off Larkin Court (Australian Post car park). Follow signs.
  • Toilets: Onsite toilets available. Alternate locations at Shopping Centre and Essendon Airport.
  • Water: PLEASE BRING WATER as there is no running water onsite.
  • Power: Generator only
  • Spectating: Please dress warm. The site is often windy.
  • Food: The curry truck and coffee guy are booked. BBQ snags & tuck shop for kids (big & little kids)


  • All Kids enter on the day. Licensing is our only requirement.
  • Seniors entering on the day - We offer a limited number of on-the-day entries each race. We definitely want to see people race and will do what we can but the simple fact is that you take a risk of not getting a start (eg say heaps of other people decided to enter on-the-day). Come early if it turns out you decide late you want to race, otherwise enter now.


You will be advised of your entry status by email after entering. It is possible that you will be waitlisted for your chosen grade if the rider count exceeds our pre-set limits (noting these are quite high for cross and generally not an issue). If you are waitlisted, you are basically waiting for a spot to come available through Scratchings or riders being re-graded. Many waitlisted riders end up riding so don't give up all hope of getting a ride. If you'd rather not wait and want to be removed for the waitlist, please Scratch yourself from the race.



Thursday, 7 May 2015

Womens Development Day (2015 No 2)

Sunbury Cycling Club are pleased to announce another FOJCX Women's Development Day.

Please Register your interest in attending here: https://goo.gl/i1AyWZ

* Saturday 16th May 2015
* 3:00pm - 5:00pm
* Larkin Court, Essendon Fields
* Any bike welcome (prefer Cyclocross and Mountain Bikes - otherwise bring what you have or can borrow)
* Kids with bikes welcome
* Cost: FREE

We will confirm your spot in the week leading up to the day.
(please note the confirmation step is in place just in case we are overwhelmed with responses and need to make arragements to maintain the required Coach:Participant ratios)

Thanks, FOJCX

2015 Race 2 - Pink Appreciation Day

2015 Australian Cyclocross Championships

Thursday, 16 April 2015

2015 Race 1 Sunday April 19 - General Race Information


Here is some general information about Sunday's Race.


This is the first round of the inaugral Victorian Cyclocross Series

Vic Series CX races accrue points towards a State Series Winner across respective grades. Cycling Victoria are administering the Series and will award Winners jerseys are prizes.

FOJCX will award prizes for our respective round.
Support Races (Open & Juniors) do not accrue points for the State Series but are an important part of our day. We love nothing more than offering inclusive racing and encouraging new racers.


The following grades are on offer;

Men's CX A
Men's CX B
Men's CX C
Men's Open (Support Race - not eligable for series points)

Women's CX A
Women's CX B
Women's Open (Support Race - not eligable for series points)

Kids: Enter on the day (Balance Bikes, Non-Balance Bikes & Young Guns)

CX Requires a CX bike with max 35mm tyres. You can run any bike in Open, including CX bikes. If you want to run MonsterCross (ie CX with MTB tyres) you need to race Open.

VCXS Rules:

Riders interested in racing the Vic CX Series have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Series rules, particulary grade changes etc. See the Cycling Vic website for more deatils.


FOJCX will also keep points info on riders and hopefully announce FOJCX Series winners. We are still finalising the back-end of our season and aren't currently in a position to announce anything... just yet. Stay tuned.



Online Entries for Senior Riders have closed.

We will make some on-the-day entries available. Please note that it is important to get your Grade correct, so we will need to talk to you. This takes time. Also, we need to get you into the timing system. This takes time. If you are looking for an on-the-day entry, please come early. On the Day entries will be an extra $5 due to the extra admin involved. Please note that there will be a set amount per grade due to a limit on the number of transponders available. We do encourage you to race though so please don't feel like aren't welcome. Just trying to let you know our constraints on the day.

Startlists will be published by Cycling Victoria once requested grades are reviewed. These will essentially be preliminary. Any anomolies should be reported for review and some riders may have grade changes as a result, particulary as there is a points series that follows this first race.

All Juniors enter-on-the-day. Juniors will have the choice of 3 courses in a prime viewing area;

1) Balance Bike Course -  a very simple, short course for balance bike juniors - generally 3 or 4 years old at a guess.

2) Older Juniors - non-balance bike Juniors. A Longer course on the flat with some barrier type obstacles. Parents & spectators are encouraged to assist lifting bikes.

3) Young Guns - young guns take on the full course (2 laps). They are typically older, more experienced kids say 11 to 14 yo. Young Guns (YGs) will race in the same slot as the Women's grades and will leave a few minutes behind the Womens grades. YGs be transponder timed. They are also welcome to take a chaperone on course to advise handling obstacles etc. We do rely heavily on parental judgement as to their experience level. The intention of YGs is take on the course, not so much to race each other due to their likely varying ages and skill levels. Each YG is a winner taking on the full course though and will be sure to get a big reception from the crowd.


Seniors:    On-the-day   Volunteers $10 + $5
                  On-the-day   Non-vols  $25 + $5

JUNIORS: ALL ON-THE-DAY      Entry by donation  


Everyone needs to be licensed for insurance purposes.
A range of license options are available.

Popular Choices:

For young kids: a 12 months Kidz recreational license for $16 is most common. This is cheaper than a race license (which varies in price depending on age but costs say $70). Age limit applies.

Older Kids: MTBA day license or 2 months FREE MTBA Trial license

Seniors:  3 Race Licenses (3RL) are popular. The cost of the 3RL is deductable from your Race License should you choose to upgrade to a full license.

MTBA 2 Month Free Trial licenses are popular and available online.

This is a matrix I prepared last season. Hopefully the pricing etc is still current. FOJCX Season Licenses are replaced by 3 Race Licenses this year due to the expansion of CX racing available.


Volunteer Allocations will be advised shortly.


We are fund raising for Michael Blyth again this season. Please consider buying some raffle tickets.

Finally a massive thanks to all our sponsors, particularly Essendon Fields and Giant South Yarra.  More announcments on sponsors shortly. 

What else? I'll post a new post if I think of anything else.


Monday, 19 January 2015

2105 Dates - Early Season

We are announcing some early-season tentative dates. 
More announcements re later rounds later.