Fields of Joy CX (#FOJCX) is a Cyclocross venue developed and raced by Sunbury Cycling Club with very gracious support from Essendon Fields, Melbourne Aust.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

This guy...

Michael Blyth is 19 years old and had his world turned upside-down 12 months ago in a MTB accident not far from his home in Sunbury.

He was out riding the neighbourhood with his mate Jack, and chose to ride something that ordinarily was well within his capability and, unfortunately, found his life forever changed through a simple accident.

Mike wasn't a member of a Cycling Club and found himself uninsured. In addition to dealing with his paralysis, Mike and his family then found themselves dealing with the financial burden of rehab, alterations to their family home and long-term disruption to working for a living.

Mike's message to all cyclists is simply to be a member of a Club. Being financial, either as a Recreational Member or a Race License holder means that you are insured whenever you are on the bike 24/7. (note: Racing requires a Race license)

As a cyclist, TAC only covers you if you are involved in an accident with a car.. and only then when that car has a driver behind the wheel. You are not covered by TAC for accidents by yourself, such as running off the road or crashing into a parked car.

Please help us get Mike's message out there. 

Want to help Mike?
Sunbury CC are fundraising to buy Mike a car. We want to help restore some of Mike's mobility and independence. Wheelchair modified vehicles are not cheap and we fully realise that this is a lofty goal.  Please consider helping out. We will be asking all FOJCX entrants for donations. We are also seeking sponsors to help us with this. If you can work some magic please get in contact with us.

More information about Mike can be found at his website, including how to donate http://www.michaelblyth.com.au/


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